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KloudArchive is for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Easy to use, cheap and completely outsourced.

Upload your documents (active and passive invoices, registries) and let KloudArchive do the rest! Enjoy your digital
archive, valid for tax purposes, ordered and always available for you and, if you want, for your accountant.

No more old and dusty binders, no more paper documents to be brought to or taken from your accountant. All of your documents will be ordered and always available, for 10 years.

Try it now: it’s free.

Try it now: it’s free. If you decide to keep on working with KloudArchive, all of the documents you have already stored will be already ordered.

You will be able to give the authorization to the accountant to access to your archive, anywhere he is. No more photocopies, delivering or documents collection. Share your digital archive quickly and easily! Do you want to change your accountant? There’s no problem, in few clicks everything will be done and ok. Do you want to stop using KloudArchive? You only need to download your ordered archive on your pc. No additional cost.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about our services.